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Well… I am still working on the post about loss, it has just been taking awhile with the Carpal Tunnel, as it is going to be a long one. Regarding that however, the past few days, my hands have actually been feeling a little bit better ~ I think that these braces (and rest) have been helping out quite a bit. Anyways, I just wanted to post a quick update on what is currently going on. Yesterday, I arrived at my friend’s house in Vermont. a four-hour flight, and then about a four hour drive, seeing us to the house at about 2:30. I am pretty much right on the border of the United States, and Canada right now; I could walk to the border if I wished. It is absolutely beautiful here, and I will be here just under three weeks. I am incredibly excited to be here, as my friend has been trying to get me to visit for the better half of a decade now. I brought my DSLR, and a bunch of lenses, and he himself enjoys photography (and has a lot of gear), so I am hoping to get some photographs posted up here for once, for a bit of a change in scenery. Essentially, I am hoping to use this trip to help ablate some of the (very intense) rebound anxiety that I have been having, as I am very comfortable around this friend (he is one of the, if not *the* longest-standing friends that I have), and currently as I type this, I have almost zero anxiety. I have had almost no palpitating since we arrived here yesterday as well, despite some intense drama that happened with another acquaintance while said friend was visiting back home last week. If I can get used to a life without this anxiety here, and go ahead and get it properly integrated, I feel like I may be able to hold onto such once I return home. Anyways, thats my plan, and I’ve got quite a few adventures set in motion for my stay here, so hopefully I will have some interesting updates to make ~ with plenty of pictures to boot! Unfortunately, there is a lot of opioid abuse up here (I have absolutely zero interest in such), so I may do a post on opioids, or the Opioid Epidemic, specific to fentanyl. I am not quite sure on that yet ~ it is a very personal and touchy topic to some of the people here, but it is always good to process. Processing can be incredibly healing Until next time, you guys!

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