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Quick Update During Carpal Pain

Just a few quick updates to throw in here before the week comes to a close, and my friend comes in to town. First off, I am 72-hours nicotine free (not that this is the first time, however)! I will also be traveling back to see said friend in Vermont from the 18th, thru November 6th! I am looking *very* forward to this trip, and think it will be great for my mental health. I am looking forward to some writing while I am there, and some photography opportunities, among other things. He’s been trying to get me to come out there forever, so I‘m pretty excited about this one! Carpal Tunnel continues to produce pain, and I am in limited range of motion as of right now, but I am continuing to work on the next post, and I do hope to have it up. It is broken into several parts, all of which have to do on loss, just different types of loss, maybe I will post them as a series, I have not decided yet.

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Carpal. Life. Recovery. Hanging in there though, still no GABAergic fuck-ups<3


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