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I Did It!

You know, I’ve been waiting a good minute to post this, and today is finally the day...

As of earlier this afternoon, it has officially been a year since I have ingested any benzodiazepines.

I may still be dealing with a bit of rebound anxiety...

I may still be palpitating for no good reason...

I may still not fully be myself quite yet…

But you know what I can say?

For the first time in fourteen years ~ my entire introduction to early-adult life ~ I can say that I have not touched benzodiazepines in an entire year.

This has definitely been a journey. Oh MAN, has this been a journey ~ but I’ve reached a milestone, and if I can do one year, who’s to say I can’t do another one? I’ll go ahead and make that a goal for myself right here, and right now.

To any of my family that may read this, to any of my friends that may read this, and to any of you internet strangers that have been with me along the way ~ I extend the most whole-hearted, and sincere “Thank-You” that I think that I have ever extended to anybody in my life. This has been one of the biggest challenges that I have ever faced, and through all of your support (and some major determination on my end), I feel like I have accomplished a major goal.

A milestone, if you will.

I promise that I will do a better job at updating this blog, and I will devote my heart to continuing on with this sobriety. It feels liberating to not have anxiety in life that is completely dependent upon a chemical being present in my body or not, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what the next year holds for me.

Thank You,

Love You,


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