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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Well, yesterday I made an absolutely *delicious* breakfast for the family. It wasn’t anything too special, just an egg-bake with a hashbrown base I randomly threw together with what we kind of had laying around in the fridge, but it turned out fantastic (I topped it with an everything bagel seasoning, and I think that’s what made the dish), and my mom asked me to save the recipe. I decided to try writing it in these dot-matrix journals that I had ordered (they are supposed to work well for the autistic mind, for thought flow). Thought I’d try a little bit of something different for a change ~ some physical writing, instead of just computed text (different to the recent kick, I actually really enjoy handwriting, it has just been awhile since I’ve sat down and dedicated good time to it). I enjoyed it quite a bit; it was incredibly painful with the carpal, despite wearing RCA braces, but I loved doing it despite this. I just love writing, in general. I think I will be breaking my fountain pens back out, once my wrists heal back up (although at this point, I am certain that this will require surgical intervention). Going along with the breakfast I cooked in the morning, I followed a page from a Williams Sonoma cookbook at dinner for some cider-braised pork chops as well, and they turned out simply mouthwatering. They used Five Spice, and while I usually am not a fan of this particular flavor In dishes, it paired quite well with the sweetness of the apples, and was cut a tad with some oregano the recipe used too. I’m loving the writing, loving the cooking, and I’m also starting to get back into gardening, although it is certainly the wrong time of the year for the latter. But I’ve taken some cuttings of some native flora that seem to be doing just fine this time of year from the area, and they have been rooting well, so I shall see how they continue to grow this season. Anyways, I just wanted to post a brief update, now that I am back home and settled. I will try to post some more here soon, as I do have some photography that I took while I was on my trip, and I am pretty happy with how some of it turned out, considering I haven’t really touched my camera mouth since ~2010.

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